Extending Income Tax Return for individuals (freelancers, employees)

Get 3 more months until 1st July 2019 for filling your Income Tax Return for 2018. 


What to do now (by 1st April 2019)

  1. Provide me your contact details to  lukas@vedemeucto.cz 
  2. Pay 1900 CZK including VAT via bank transfer (promo invoice will be sent to your email address) 
  3. I will prepare the Application for Extension and you will deliver it to the Tax office by 1st April 2019 


What to do next (by 30th June 2019)

  1. Provide me your Income Tax Return in XML and pdf format
  2. I will deliver your Income Tax Return to the Tax Office and that’s it


About service

  • Service is provided by Ing. Lukáš Hladil, certified tax adviser no. 05402
  • Preparing and filling Income Tax Return is not including. Please contact me (lukas@vedemeucto.cz) if you want to prepare the Income Tax Return (estimate price 1500 – 3000 CZK).